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Focusing on Growth and Development

Pre-school education must offer a fine balance between “structure” and “freedom of choice.” The children are allowed to reach out to fulfill their natural curiosities and to explore the obvious. Our loving staff will observe and interact with the children while guiding and directing them to further grow by enhancing their experiences. Our program provides this balance by allowing the children to be free to explore while offering the stability and security that they need. We are committed to supporting children’s development and learning; respecting individual differences; and helping children learn to live, play, and work cooperatively. We promote children’s self-awareness, competence, self-worth, resiliency, and physical well-being. Our experienced, caring and committed teachers provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum to foster children’s self-confidence, creativity, and social skills that helps prepare each child for preschool and kindergarten.

Staff Requirements

Although many of our staff members have college degrees and masters all staff members are required to continue their education annually by completing 18 hours of continuing education in the childcare field. All employees have been fingerprinted and passed criminal background checks. Each staff member has completed certifications required by the state of Tennessee and DHS to teach in a childcare setting. All of our full-time staff and drivers are trained in CPR and first aid and we have a licensed EMT with IV therapy on staff. Your child’s safety is our primary concern at all times.

Meet the Team at Little Bears Preschool

2 Year Old Staff

Our 12 month to 24 month classes are a special time for children and parents this is the time when most children inter preschool. Our loving caring staff helps to make this transition easier for parents and children.

Mrs. Lisa
Mrs. Courtnie

Former Little Bear Student

Mrs. Rebecca
Mrs. Karen
Mrs. Amalia

3 Year Old Staff

What a wonderful and exciting time to be 3 years old. Learning so many new skills, making friends, and enjoying the wonders of nature. Our dedicated 3-year-old staff knows that 3year old children have a high energy level for learning and play, and are ready to meet the challenge.

Mrs. Louise
Mrs. Patricia
Mrs. Katie
Mrs. Kim

School Age Staff

What better way to end your school day that with a 6-acre playground to play on. Our after school care program was designed so that children felt like they were coming home from school. Staff members welcome the children off the bus with an afternoon snack and a choice of many activities including games, books, puzzles, art, outside play, and of course homework time.

Mrs. Caitlin

Other Staff Members
Mr. John & Mrs. Cindy


Mrs. Tina

Assistant Director

Mrs. Genny

Management Team

Mrs. Caitlin

Management Team


Management Team

Schedule a Tour of Our Six-Acres

We’d love for you to join our big family of families. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a visit or request an enrollment packet.