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What Sets Little Bears Preschool Apart

When you’re looking for the perfect preschool for your little one, you want a place that checks all the boxes on your priority list. Perhaps you’re looking for something with a prime location, affordable tuition, and a unique experience. Little Bears Preschool can provide all of that and more! We’re unlike other preschools in the area, and we welcome children from Bartlett, TN, and the surrounding communities. Our founder, Mrs. Cindy, and her staff are dedicated to helping your child grow socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively, all while guiding them to explore their specific interests. Learn more about what makes us different from other area preschools.

Exceptional Faculty with a Passion for Child Care

At Little Bears Preschool, you can expect faculty members with a passion for helping children learn and grow. From our founders to our classroom teachers, everyone is dedicated to making a positive impact on your child. We have staff members specially trained for their specific age group, so you can be sure your child is receiving an experience tailored to their age and abilities. Plus, they’ll get to know some of our class pets in the process!

Plenty of Special Events & Opportunities

There’s no shortage of events and activities happening at Little Bears Preschool. With six acres of land, there’s always something going on. While other preschools may function as little more than a daycare, that isn’t the case at Little Bears Preschool. We’re always holding special events, including Trash to Treasure, summer camps, and an array of other monthly activities. Ask our team about upcoming field trips!

Committed to Teaching Healthy Eating Habits

We don’t just focus on academic subjects and emotional development, but healthy habits as well. It’s crucial to develop sound eating habits at an early age, and we strive to build that foundation. We participate in the “Let’s Move” and “Gold Sneaker” programs, which promote proper nutrition and plenty of exercise. You child will even learn table manners and how to set the table. Older children have the opportunity to help with meal preparation and cooking projects.

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Our Six-Acres

We’d love for you to join our big family of families. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a visit or request an enrollment packet.

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