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New Activities Each Month at Little Bears Preschool

The team at Little Bears Preschool is proud to put on special events each month for our students to enjoy. While we’re committed to educating your child and promoting a love of learning, we never miss out on the chance to have some fun! In the past, our events have involved making our own stuffed animals, participating in cooking projects, and going on field trips to local attractions. If you’re looking for a premier childcare option in Bartlett, TN, Little Bears Preschool is perfect for you and your family. Schedule a tour of our six-acre campus and see for yourself!

little girl smiling

Follow Along With Your Child’s Class!

We love to see our parents get involved with their child’s class. Feel free to print off one of the monthly calendars so you can follow along with all of the exciting activities lined up for your child. We also welcome parents to bring special snacks for the whole class on birthdays, party days, or just for a surprise treat. If you’d like to provide a snack, please check with our office.

little girl playing with blocks

Trash to Treasure: Our Ongoing Project

At Little Bears Preschool, we’re well aware that children quickly grow out of old clothes and toys. If you’re cleaning out your child’s room and find items they no longer need, we’re happy to take them. Mrs. Cindy accepts donations of gently-used clothes, shoes, toys, and books. Cindy and the rest of our staff will work to find good homes for all your unneeded items.

Join Our Big Family of Families

It’s true—Little Bears Preschool is just a big family made up of families. We want you to join in on the fun all our monthly events bring! Be sure to stop by and tour our six-acre facility. You can meet with our faculty members and get a feel for the comforting atmosphere. Ask us about admission requirements and filling out an enrollment packet!

Schedule a Tour of
Our Six-Acres

We’d love for you to join our big family of families. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a visit or request an enrollment packet.

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