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Do You Need Before & After School Childcare?

Everyone’s work schedule looks a little different. For many parents, their schedules do not allow them time to drop their children off at school or pick them up. If you need childcare services for before and after school, look no further than Little Bears Preschool. Our Bartlett, TN preschool offers excellent care for school-aged children who need a place to do homework, make friends, and get active. Learn more about what our program involves.

young girls getting on school bus

What to Expect From Before-School Care

If you need morning childcare, we welcome you to check out our campus! You can schedule a visit and find out if Little Bears Preschool is the right fit. Should you choose our before-school care, you can expect knowledgeable, caring staff dedicated to creating an excellent experience for your child. Children who attend this program will have their choice of breakfast food as well as milk or juice.

young girl playing with clay

Choose Our After-School Care Program

Our after-school care program focuses on giving children a safe, comfortable place to do homework and have fun. They will also be provided an afternoon snack and juice. Our team members are always there to help with homework, and we encourage reading during downtime. If your child prefers to get active, we also have plenty of opportunities for playing sports and exploring the outdoors. Ask our staff which indoor and outdoor games are on the itinerary for the week!

Transportation You Can Rely On

Transportation to after-school programs may be a problem for parents who work in the afternoons. Never fear—Little Bears Preschool provides exceptional transportation to our campus. Each of our drivers participates in annual training administered by the Tennessee Highway Patrol Department of Safety. All drivers must also complete a background check, random drug testing, and driving record clearance. Plus, you’ll have additional peace of mind knowing each driver is CPR-certified.

Schedule a Tour of
Our Six-Acres

We’d love for you to join our big family of families. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a visit or request an enrollment packet.

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