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Little Bears Preschool will be kicking off Summer Camp on June 1st!

Summer Camp Cost – $160.00

This includes breakfast and afternoon snacks. Children are required to bring a sack lunch every day. All communications (notices, calendar, activities, etc.) will be at the sign-in desk or on our Facebook page. You can always contact the office or Mrs. Cindy if you need further information. Field trips will be limited this year due to the pandemic, however, we have plenty of fun activities planned for the children. (We are blessed to have so much land)

How Our Camps Work

At the beginning of camp, each child will be assigned a color group divided by age and gender. Parents will receive a weekly schedule of events for their child’s group, so you’ll always know what your child is up to throughout the day. We jam-pack activities into our week-long camp, so buckle up for the ride! Make sure your child brings socks, sunscreen, and sunglasses to camp. On field trip days, they may also need a towel and a little spending money.

Offering a Plethora of Activities on Six Acres

With six acres of land, have plenty of space to offer an array of activities. We strive to get children excited about exercise, so we provide lots of chances to get active. Summer camp participants might play soccer at our on-campus field or learn the rules of basketball. In the past, we’ve taken field trips to private pools, bowling alleys, and skating rinks to stay active.

Frequent Field Trips to Area Attractions

Field trips are some of the most exciting days of summer camp. We take trips to attractions throughout the region, including waterparks, restaurants, science centers, and more. Field trips will take place in the mornings or afternoons. Our instructors will let you know of the schedule, and parents should make sure to drop their child off on time. Once buses leave, we cannot send them back. If you’d like to meet us at the destination, please contact us first so we can be sure space is still available on the bus.

Schedule a Tour of
Our Six-Acres

We’d love for you to join our big family of families. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a visit or request an enrollment packet.

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